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Frequently asked questions

When will the new version of Memorix be available?

The date has not yet been confirmed. It will depend on the speed of development and the results of tests with the first users. We currently expect to launch in the second half of 2021. You can subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be kept up to date.

I'm currently using Memorix Maior. When should I switch to the new version?

We will contact you well in advance and work out a timetable in consultation with you. We will continue to support the previous version of Memorix for as long as necessary.

The new version of Memorix is 'linked data by design’, but my existing metadata is not linked data.

When importing existing collection information, we will decide together which information will be modelled as linked data. It is also possible to import existing metadata without modifying it.

You have chosen the CIDOC-CRM as the model for the metadata. Isn't that way too complicated?

We have indeed used CIDOC-CRM as the basis for our data model. It is a comprehensive and powerful model. Fortunately, lots of smart people have already thought about its application in practice. We are taking our lead from the practical and considered approach adopted by Getty, for example (see also http://linked.art). We are confident that using CIDOC-CRM will make the metadata more usable and more accurate.

Will the new Memorix also include options for (physical) depot management?

Absolutely. With Memorix, you can configure your depot in a generic way. It will be possible to manage the locations of you objects up to box level.

Will the new Memorix contain more functionality for museums, such as lending, depot management, acquisition, etc.?

We are developing various functionalities that will be highly relevant for museums. Depot management, acquisition and workflow will be part of the new version of Memorix. The registration of loans, insurance information and physical condition are not yet part of our roadmap but will be added if there is sufficient interest.

Why are you building a new version of Memorix?

The world of digital heritage is in flux. Sharing and online publishing of collections and metadata has become increasingly important. More and more collections have been digitized and there is increased interest in linking collections to one another and to other sources. This calls for an appropriate collection management system. Memorix was designed with these new developments in mind. In addition, Memorix will be fully web-based and suitable for all platforms.

Will I be able to manage all the collections I currently have in Memorix Maior in the new Memorix?

The new version of Memorix is certainly suitable for the collections from Memorix Maior. We can migrate the collections without major modifications.

Can I create new collections in the new Memorix myself, or does Picturae still have to do that?

As a user, you can do this yourself. Of course you do need to have the appropriate privileges.

Does the new Memorix work well on tablets or smartphones?

Absolutely! Memorix is designed for use on all platforms and devices.

Does the new Memorix work quickly with very large collections? And many related entities?

Our user research has shown that speed is very important when using a collection management system. From the start of development, we have therefore focused on the speed of the software. This has ensured that the new version of Memorix works extremely quickly and smoothly.

Can I use the new Memorix in combination with my own storage environment?

This is possible for media. To this end, we support the widely used S3 protocol. If you want to organize storage yourself, we can discuss this and draw up a plan with you.

Is it possible to link to external thesauri in the new Memorix?

We’re glad you asked! We have developed the new version of Memorix based on the principles of Linked Data. This means that linking to external thesauri and sources is built into the very core of the software. In fact, we believe that the use of existing thesauri contributes to the quality and capabilities of your metadata.

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