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Release plan

  1. Release 1

    MVP for testing with Memorix Expert Panel

    Editing of records is the startingpoint of our MVP. A record consists of relations to external and internal resources based on LOD principles. Use CIDOC-CRM to model metadata.

  2. Apr2019
    Release 2

    Validated & tested MVP

    Usertests and collecting feedback on our Memorix concepts. Validation of our UX framework and technical architecture.

  3. Dec2019
    Release 3


    Development of a first basic version of the Memorix. Organizing records. Advanced search functionality. Bulk operations, Sets, Integration of DAM, Usermanagement, Multi-tenancy, Vocabularies, Geo-module

  4. Apr2020
    Release 4


    FRESH is a more extended version of Memorix that is suitable for migration of existing Memorix Maior users. Advanced user- and rightsmanagement

  5. Oct2020
    Release 5


    NEXT adds Import & Export, Roles & Rights, Improvements of collection management, Improve & extend search, sets and bulk.
    This release contains all requirements for implementing Nadere Toegangen of Amsterdam City Archive.

    This version is suitable for the migration of light weight Memorix Maior clients.
    The proces of migrating clients should start during this release.

    Start May 2020 to October 2020

  6. Dec2020
    Release 6


    Development of depot management, location registration of records and reports. Search en bulk are extended with funtionalityto search and edit the location information of records. This release is based on the requirements of the Amsterdam City Archive.

    October 2020 to December 2020

  7. Sept2021
    Release 7


    In the ARCH release we add funcionality for the managing hierarchical archival data, accession, material condition and accessability of archival records.

    After this release Memorix contains basic archival management functionality and suits as a replacement of Memorix Archives.This release is planned paralel to the NEXT release.

  8. Oct2021
    Release 8


  9. Nov2021
    Release 9


  10. Dec2021
    Release 10


    Publication and sharing of images and videos with IIIF from the DAM.

  11. Jan2022
    Release 11


    Remaining stories needed for Amsterdam and for existing customers.

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